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What our students and parents chose to say about our chess program during the years:

"Hi Eugen, ... I want to share this good news with you: James (James Li, Golden Knights student Sep 2010 - Jun 2013) went to World Open in Philadelphia and won the first place at U1800 section:
James Li, winner of the U1800 section, WO Philadelphia
... I want to thank you for providing James an opportunity on chess study and encouraging him continue this interest. James' achievement is beneficial from "64 Fun Solutions" where both his knowledge and interest enhanced. He spent enjoyable time during each chess class.
Jenny Li Qing (James mother), July 2016
"Eugen, our family would like to say a big THANK YOU for chess coaching, mentoring and help you provided to Sofia during the last few years. She started playing chess at your club in Burnaby and continued to be coached online by you after we moved back to US. Few of the items I would like to highlight are as follow:
1. Chess results: With your coaching experience and knowing Sofia's strengths and weaknesses, you set a road map which helped her achieve specific milestones and results. Some of her achievements in chess are winning the scholarship at Webster University, and qualifying for FIDE World Youth & Cadets Chess Championships 2015.
2. Achievements in high school: The discipline of hard work and determination from chess were used by Sofia in all school related tasks. The four hours long chess games prepared her for many long school exams, and more than that she scored very well. Sofia will graduate high school this year at the top of her class, as a valedictorian.
3. College admission: As you trained Sofia to aim high in chess, she prepared to be very competitive in the college admission process. As in chess, you have to prepare during many years and have results in order to be considered, evaluated, and appreciated by the best colleges. She applied to four schools in US: Michigan State, University of Michigan, University of Chicago and Dartmouth College. Sofia was accepted by all four schools, and she decided to enroll at Dartmouth College; an Ivy League school - known for academic excellence and selectivity in admission. There are many high school students with great grades in school, a lot of them are playing team sports where they can show only team  achievements, but the best colleges are looking for more than that. Chess is a niche where young players, with proper coaching, can achieve individual and team results, while applying same skills in other activities.
If any of your students' parents would like to ask questions, please feel free to give them my email address and I'll be very happy to share more details about your great coaching skills and determination to help young chess players be successful."

Florin Stanescu-Bellu (Sofia's father), March 2016
A nice interview with Sofia Stanescu-Bellu can be accessed HERE
June 2015
"Hi Eugen! How are you? I'm so excited to hear from you again!! You're the best chess teacher ever! I remember you were always so encouraging to me! I miss you so much!!"
Harmony Zhu, World Chess Champion 2013. March 2015
Message in Romanian:
"Eugen, Multumim pentru sprijinul tau acordat Sofiei sa ajunga aici, si sa aiba rezultate concretizate in aceste premii si bursa... In Januarie 2014 Sofia era la un rating de 1000, si in mai putin de un an de munca sub indrumarea ta a ajuns la 1500... Multumim, Sofia si Florin"
Sofia and (father) Florin Stanescu-Bellu, January 2015
"I want to share this good news with you that I heard today: James (James Li, Golden Knights student Sep 2010 - Jun 2013) won second place under U1700 at North American Open 2015 in Las Vegas :-) This was the first time he went to a large tournament in US with some VCS boys.
I also want to say THANK YOU again for your teaching and encouragement. It's been a long journey for James to go from the time he shown interest on Chess. Without your help and patience, he wouldn't have a chance continue his interest. I believe this result will give him more encouragement going further and this will be benefit for his life..."

Jenny Li Qing (James mother), December 2015
"Thank you so much for teaching James within last three years (2010-2013). He has learned abundant Chess knowledge in the club, and more importantly, he got great encouragement to develop his interest on playing Chess! We were very fortunate to have found such a nice place for James :-)"
Jenny Li Qing (James mother), September 2013
"Eugen, Jay won the under 14 Reserved section at the Las Vegas Intetrnational tournament, all rounds undefeated. He also won the puzzle competition later in his section.  Here are the links to the results:
Las Vegas International Chess Festival 2013 - U14 Reserves
Las Vegas International Chess Festival 2013 - Puzzles competition
Thanks very much for your excellent coaching!"
Mohnish Sawant (Jay's father), June 2013
"Thank you Eugen for teaching me chess these past years. It was a great pleasure learning with the other club members from you. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays"
Ziyao Sun, December 2012
"Thank you so much for the great support during the entire WYCC period (WYCC Slovenia 2012). The most important thing Harmony did every morning is to look at the Golden Knight facebook and Canada Team WYCC facebook. For every encouraging and supporting word like "Go Harmony", "Great job", "Harmony back to the winning column", she will read it out and really feel motivated. She also liked those pictures you posted on your website..."
Todd Zhu (Harmony's father), November 2012
"... By the way, I won all five games and finished 1st in Grade 3 (BC Chess Challenge 2012). Thank you very very much for helping me improving my chess. I really appreciate it. Your motto is so right. You do raise champions!"
Philip Chen, April 2012
"... Jeremy and I are really thankful to you for bringing us this far. Three years ago, Jeremy was just a regular player who loves chess. After attending your club and with your training, Jeremy becomes a much more serious player. We learn so much from you. A heartful thanks from both of us."
Caroline Hui (Jeremy's mom), Sep 2009
"... Jonah says "Hi Eugen, I'm having a great time in Vietnam (WYCC Vietnam 2008) and miss everyone in BC!"
Glen Lee (Jonah's father), Oct 2008
"I would just like to extend my thanks to you for all of the exceptional work you do in coaching and supporting Joanne and all of the other Golden Knights in their chess endeavours! We are very impressed by your commitment to chess and to the children, and I think it shows in the GK's excellent results all year long. Joanne was very happy with her medal today (2nd place CYCC 2007) and it was a big hit with her Mom and Grandparents, too."
Jim Foote (Joanne's father), May 2007
"Andrei and Eugen,
Thanks so much for your generous support and coaching over the weekend. This is our kids only major competitve outlet and they needed all the help they could get!
Fantastic job! We really appreciate all the kind words you had for both of them."

Enoch and Diane Szijjarto (Isaac and Reuben's parents) May 2006
"Thank you for bringing the trophy (BC Secondary School Championship) into the school.  We have it on display in the front office on the counter. Also the results are wonderful. I shall put this information in our news letter."
Karen Jensen, Principal
Port Moody Secondary School, BC CHAMPIONS, Feb 2006


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