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APP NAME: ChessEssentials
Version: 1.8
Released: 15-Jun-2017



CONTENT (with direct link to presentation articles):

 ChessEssentials, level 1  Suggested (0-400) 18 lessons + 18 puzzle sets + 18 tests 
 ChessEssentials, level 2 Suggested (400-800) 22 lessons + 22 puzzle sets + 22 tests
 ChessEssentials, level 3 Suggested (800-1100) 30 lessons + 30 puzzle sets + 30 tests
 ChessEssentials, level 4 Suggested (1100-1400) 30 lessons + 30 puzzle sets + 30 tests
 ChessEssentials, level 5 Suggested (1400-1700)  30 lessons + 30 puzzle sets + 30 tests


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UPDATES (15-Jun-2017)

1. Level 6 work started - 5% done


You are invited to discover a user friendly, effective teaching chess method!
• A blend of European and North American traditional and modern teaching techniques
• Easy to follow and use by players of any level or by chess teachers and instructors
• Perfected over a period of four decades of chess teaching and active play

It has helped our students reach the highest levels of performance such as:
Harmony Zhu, World Champion @ the World Youth Chess Championship 2013
• Two top 10 places @ the World Youth Chess Championship (2008 and 2012)
• A North American Champion title (2007)
• Several national titles
• Multiple provincial and local titles by age group

This app follows the highly successful teaching method implemented by us at various chess clubs. Although our students are children and youth, it is intended for chess lovers of any level up to a 2000 national rating. The rating levels are provided for guidance only and are set based on over 200 students’ real experiences. Still we cannot guarantee you will achieve them. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own chess performances. If your desire is to improve, understand and enjoy the game, this app is for you too. It will guide you along the way to success!


Level 6: (1700 - 2000) rating$ 4.99end of Aug 2017



 15-Jun-2017  Version 1.8 - added level 5
 17-Mar-2017  Version 1.7 - improved monitoring, supports iOS10, arm64, iPhone 6s+, iPhone 7+, iPad Pro 
 08-Jan-2015  Version 1.6 - fixed Restore function
 21-Dec-2014  Version 1.5 - added new lessons, puzzles and tests, plus iOS8 compatibility
 17-Mar-2014  Version 1.4 - added level 4
 05-Jan-2014  Version 1.3 - fixed offline mode and IAP
 05-Dec-2013  Version 1.2 - iOS7 upgrade, bug fixes and pictorial Help
 02-Aug-2013  Version 1.1 - added level 3 plus FAQ
 17-Apr-2013  Our app is LIVE. Please get it at the iTunes store!
 09-Apr-2013  Our app is waiting for review by the Apple team
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