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  1. Our club caters for students between 6 to 18 years of age
  2. The online version of our club at Lichess is located HERE We are meeting there every Thursday night
    We also have an online presence at chess.com located HERE
    Contact me to find out how you can join us
  3. Use the left hand side menu for accessing more pages with information
  4. Contact us as follows:
  • Online/ In person: see our "Event Calendar" on the website for dates, time and address (if applicable)
  • Electronically: use "Contact us" here on the website
  • By mail: 1805 View Street, Port Moody, BC V3H 3Y3


From a humble beginning in September 1994 (see Milestones below) our club activity has grown in quality and reputation. Our students participate successfully at local, provincial, national and international competitions year after year. They represent with pride our club, province and Canada wherever they go.

The activity is structured based on a chess curriculum organized by levels as shown below. The suggested ratings are Chess Federation of Canada (CFC) regular ones. Images are of the famous Lewis chessmen



Level 1 - Pawn

Suggested rating
0 to 400

See our APP

Level 2 - Knight
Suggested rating
400 to 800

Sep 2017 - Jun 2018

Level 3 - Bishop
Suggested rating
800 to 1100

Sep 2018 - Jun 2019

Level 4 - Rook
Suggested rating
1100 to 1400
Sep 2019 - Jun 2021
(COVID interruption)

Level 5 - Queen
Suggested rating
1400 to 1700
Sep 2021 - Jun 2022
Online (see note 2)

Level 6 - King
Suggested rating
1700 to 2000
As applicable


Each level consists of a carefully planned combination of lessons, tests and official tournament games to be completed during a period of a school year.
Attending any level requires passing of the required written admission test beforehand. Testing (any level) can be taken at anytime during our classes and will determine with good accuracy what level you best fit into. Please contact us if you wish to setup your own testing!


(Students personal accomplishments are listed under the Top Students menu)
Jan 2021 Our club has an online presence at Lichess on a weekly basis. You can find us HERE
May 2017 Our club has an online presence at chess.com. You can find us HERE
Mar 2015  Sofia Stanescu-Bellu (Michigan) finishes 2nd @ Susan Polgar Foundation Nationwide Open, San Francisco.
 Qualifies for WYCC 2015 and wins $40K scholarship
Sep, 2014  We celebrated 20 years of continuous activity with a new intake of level 3 students
Apr, 2013  Our first chess app is released @ the iTunes store
Sep 2012  Eugen is awarded the CM title by FIDE (Federation Internationale des Echecs/ World Chess Federation)
Sep 2010  "Golden Knights" continues its activity as an independent club
 Our friends "Fraser Heights Chess Club"; see Links for their contact information
Dec 2009 - Jun 2010  "Golden Knights" and "Burnaby Junior Chess club" agreed to a limited 6 months partnership
Sep 2008  "Golden Knights" returned to the original setup of one location only (in Burnaby) with a level 4 (Rook) group
 Andrei Botez and family left for USA
Sep 2007 - Jun 2008  "Golden Knights" extended their activity by opening a new location in Surrey in partnership with Ken Jensen (BC Junior Coordinator)
Sep 2007  Andrei Botez and his "Silver Knights" became independent partners, moving to a separate location
Jan 2007  Eugen is awarded the title of "FIDE Instructor" by FIDE (Federation Internationale des Echecs/ World Chess Federation); details HERE
Feb 2006  Port Moody Secondary won the BC Secondary School Championship trophy with 19 points out of 20 games, 3.5 points clear of 2nd place.
 Team line up:
 Board 1 - Vlad Gaciu (WYCC 2005 France), grade 9 - score 5 out of 5, 1st place board 1
 Board 2 - Stefan Trandafir (WYCC 2004 Greece), grade 9 - score 5 out of 5, 1st place board 2
 Board 3 - Michael Wee (2006 BC U14 Overall Champion), grade 9 - score 5 out of 5, 1st place board 3
 Board 4 - Mihai Demian, grade 12 - score 2 out of 3
 Reserve - Ana Maria Luca (2006 BC Girls U16 Champion), grade 9 - score 2 out of 2
 Coach - Valer Eugen Demian
Jan 2005  The club left BC Romanian Community Centre and became independent.
 It changed its name to "Golden Knights" and became part of the "64 fun solutions" family business.
 Andrei Botez group was named "Silver Knights"
Sep 2002  Andrei Botez joined the club as an instructor for beginners
Jun 7th, 2001  Eugen founded a new club called "The Knights" running at BC Romanian Community Centre. The activity there stretched between 2001-2004
1995 - 2001  Eugen taught chess privately; some of his best students were:
 Rotyslav Pylsdich, Sinziana Chis and Liviu Chis
Sep 1994  Eugen established his first chess club at Harbour View Elementary School in Coquitlam, BC with the help of Peter Stainton (teacher) and a few great parents.
 That club was active during the school year 1994-1995
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