Queens' mesmerizing windmill

Submitted by Eugen on Tue, 08/02/2016 - 12:13
We all know the Queen is a powerful piece. It is also very fascinating in what it can do in the most unexpected situations. Here 2 Queens get to work together and defeat 6 Rooks using a mesmerizing windmill. Why is this working with all these powerful pieces involved? The answer is so close to real life, it leaves you wondering: the weakest and most ignored participant - a pawn - proves to be the weakest link. "Good bye (black)!" as they used to say in that popular TV game... Enjoy the combination!
[Event "Puzzle"][Date "2016.08.02"][Result "1-0"][SetUp "1"][FEN "8/7Q/2r1p3/2rkr3/2rrr2Q/7K/8/8 w - - 0 1"] 1.Qd8+ Rd6 2.Qb7+ Rc6 3.Qa5+ Rc5 4.Qb3+ Rc4 5.Qd2+ Rd4 6.Qf3+ Re4 7.Qg5+ e5 {The weakest link starts its short march to meet its destiny} 8.Qf7+ Re6 9.Qd8+ Rd6 10.Qb7+ Rc6 11.Qa5+ Rc5 12.Qb3+ Rc4 13.Qd2+ Rd4 14.Qf3+ e4 {One last step to defend its King and country} 15.Qg5+ Re5 16.Qf7+ Re6 17.Qd8+ Rd6 18.Qb7+ Rc6 19.Qa5+ Rc5 20.Qb3+ Rc4 21.Qd2# {Poor powerless pawn begging forgiveness for watching the end come by him!...} 1-0