Puzzle of the week #359

Submitted by eugen on Sun, 12/09/2018 - 22:41
Four Knights
Chess Diagram
[Event "Puzzle #359"][Date "2018.12.09"][Result "1-0"]1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Nc3 Nf6 4. Bb5 Nd4 5. Nxd4 exd4 6. e5 dxc3 7. exf6 cxd2+ 8. Bxd2 Qxf6 9. O-O Be7 10. Bc3 Qg5 11. Re1 O-O
Replaying the first 11 moves of this game tells a story. Replay/ listen to it. Your tasks:
a) What is the name of the opening?
b) Who is better and why?
c) White to move and win in 5 moves
d) What kind of game is this?

Total available points for this puzzle is 30. The answers will be published next time together with puzzle #360.

Puzzle #358 solution:
Opening theory. This week's best answers are by the top scorers:
a) It is the Danish gambit because white is missing the b-, c- and d-pawns, the two white Bishops are developed (Bc4 and Bb2) and white is castled
b) White is better because is more developed, castled and ready for attack. He should start the attack now before black has time to develop more. The attack should start with opening of the e-file leading to Ke8. It is a bonus the obvious move e4-e5 also attacks Nf6, forcing black to decide which way to go

[Event "Puzzle #358"][Date "2018.12.03"][Result "1-0"][SetUp "1"][FEN "rn1qkb1r/ppp2ppp/3p1n2/8/2B1P1b1/5N2/PB3PPP/RN1Q1RK1 w kq - 0 1"]1.e5 dxe5 (1... Nfd7 2.Re1 d5 3.Qxd5 Be6 4.Qxb7 Bxc4 5.Qxa8) 2.Bxf7+ Ke7 (2...Kxf7 3.Qxd8) 3.Ba3+ Kxf7 4.Qxd8

Correct solutions:
Matthew - 30 points
Eric - 27 points
Blake, Lyvia - 22 points
Glyn, Walter - 21 points
Mengbai, Aiden, Joey - 20 points
Coby, Zhengyu, Lucas - 18 points
Brian, Itamar - 12 points

EXTRA (Lesson 8)
Aiden, Glyn - 40 points

Eric - 217 points
Matthew - 216 points
Aiden - 197 points
Joey - 182 points
Blake - 160 points
Glyn - 157 points
Mengbai - 138 points
Coby - 134 points
Brian - 125 points
Lyvia - 118 points
Walter - 116 points
Lucas - 115 points
Zhengyu - 99 points
Itamar - 80 points
Justin Y - 7 points
Justin T, Ellie - 1 point