Puzzle of the week #301

Submitted by Eugen on Sun, 10/16/2016 - 23:36
Chess Diagram
[Event "Puzzle #301"][Date "2016.10.16"][Result "1-0"]1. d4 d5 2. c4 e6 3. Nf3 Nf6 4. Nc3 Be7 5. Bg5 h6 6. Bh4 O-O 7. e3 b6 8. g4 Nbd7 9. Rg1 Bb7 10. g5 Ne4 11. cxd5 exd5 12. Bb5 g6 13. Bxd7 Qxd7 {White decided to start the attack and that decision brought him a quick win after the following combination} 14. gxh6 Bxh4 15. Nxh4 Qh3 16. Qh5 Nxf2 17. Rxg6+ Kh8 18. Rg3 Nd3+ 19. Kd2
Please replay the first 13 moves and analyze the position; after that go over the winning combination. Your task:
a) Name the QGD line chosen by black
b) What was black's plan?
c) Was white ready to attack?
d) Why did white's attack succeed?
Total available points for this puzzle is 20. The answers will be published next time together with puzzle #302.

Puzzle #300 solution:
Puzzle by GM Bogdan Lalic, 2016 was our summer puzzle. The 4 moves checkmate works based on the idea of trapping black's King on the edge. In order to do that white uses all 4 pieces it has left on the board. The correct solution is:
[Event "Puzzle #300"][Date "2016.07.16"][Result "1-0"][SetUp "1"][FEN "7N/3K1Npk/6p1/8/8/1B6/8/8 w - - 0 1"]1.Ke8 g5 (1...Kg8 2.Nxg6 Kh7 3.Bc2 Kg8 4.Ne7#) 2.Kf8 g4 3.Bc2+ g6 4.Bxg6#
Congratulations to all who got it. A special mention goes to Yakov who solved it first.