Spassky, Boris Vasilievich

10th World Champion, 1969 - 1972

Born in 1937 in Leningrad, Russia. He was only 18 when he won the title of World Junior chess Champion in 1955. Well known in the chess World for his natural talent, flexible style and for being a true gentleman.
In 1966 he lost his first match for the title against Petrosian. On his second challenge in 1969 Spassky's flexibility of style was the key to victory over the same Petrosian by 12½ – 10½
In 1972 the American Fischer challenged Spassky for the title of World Champion which was held in Reykjavik, Iceland. This most publicized chess match in history took place during the Cold War between the USA and the USSR. As a consequence both players were under considerable pressure to win. When Fischer defeated Spassky, 35 years of Soviet domination of the world championship also ended.