English descriptive notation

It divides the board in 2 sides: the Queen side (4 files) and the King side (4 files), to go together with the regular 8 ranks. From here on things get a bit more complicated:
a) 2 sides - each file is marked by a combination of letters: one after the side is located on and the second after the piece residing there in the original position. Example: QN = Queen's Knight means the second file counting from the left hand side of the board.
b) 8 ranks - each player counts the 1-8 ranks beginning with the nearest and ending with the farthest. This creates confusion since what is considered the 8th rank from White's perspective, it actually is considered 1st rank from Black's perspective and so on.
Example: 1.e4 e5 is equivalent to 1.P-K4 P-K4
Several books published in English were originally written in English descriptive notation during the first half of the 20th century. Fortunately the algebraic notation prevailed and quite a few of those books have been reprinted since the 90s.