Capablanca, Jose Raul (1888-1942)

3rd World Champion, 1921 - 1927

Born in Havana, Cuba in 1888. At the age of 12 he beat Juan Corzo, the Cuban champion. Capablanca was regarded as the most naturally talented chess player anyone had ever seen. He was educated in America, studied engineering at Columbia University and spent much of his free time playing masters at the Manhattan Chess Club in New York City, where he achieved a sensational win in a match against USA champion Frank Marshall crushing him by 8-1 when he was 20 years old.
During eight years (1916-1924) he lost not a single game and the chess world was beginning to think he was invincible.
In Havana in 1921 the match against Lasker lasted for only 14 games after which Lasker was losing by 4-1 and resigned the match on grounds of ill health. Capablanca was now the new World Champion.