Women WCh 2015 - round 3 (1)

Submitted by Eugen on Mon, 03/23/2015 - 17:41
Veteran GM Pia Cramling took the exchange offering of black and proceeded to convert the material advantage into a winning advantage. We have the final combination to enjoy, my first re-playable puzzle try here on the website. Hope you like it. [Event "WWCC2015"][Site "Sochi"][Date "2015.03.23"][Round "18.6"][White "Cramling, Pia (SWE)"][Black "Gunina, Valentina (RUS)"][Result "1-0"][SetUp "1"][FEN "5rk1/5p2/6p1/p1PpQ2p/3Pn1P1/3q4/1R3PK1/1R6 w - - 0 33"][ECO "D18"]33.Rb8 f6 34.Qxd5+ Kg7 35.R1b7+ Kh6 36.Rxf8 f5 37.gxf5 Ng3 38.Rh7+ Kg5 39.fxg6+