Lucena position

It is one of the most famous and important positions in chess endgame theory, where one side has a Rook and a pawn and the defender has a lone Rook. The attacking side (the one with the pawn) can promote the pawn and win if it manages to reach the following setup:
- the pawn is any pawn except a Rook pawn
- the pawn has advanced to the seventh rank for white (second rank for black)
- the attacking King is on the promotion square of its pawn
- the attacking Rook cuts off the opposing King from the pawn by at least one file
- the defending Rook is on the file on the other side of the pawn
The winning maneuver is called the "Lucena bridge": the Rook will shield its King and pawn along the fourth rank for white (fifth rank for black) from being attacked by the weaker side Rook.

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